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Forever as in Love you forever?

The song came out originally in l933 by Malone and Blanchard and was popularized by Grace Moore. some record labels had it- Grace Lamour. It was her signature song, akin to Be (MORE)
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Is forever an adjective?

No, it can be an adverb, or it can be a noun. Forever means  everlasting, eternal, or (a seeming) eternity.
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Can you use a liberty bell forever stamp to send airmail to England?

Actually you can use forever stamps for airmail. You just need to attach enough to equal the international mail charge at the current value of the forever stamp. Example: (MORE)

What is a forever stamp?

 A forever stamp is a stamp that is valued (sold and cancelled)  at the current local letter rate of postage. For example, if the  current cost of local postage is 50 cent (MORE)
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What is 'forever' in Welsh?

"Am byth" is a Welsh equivalent of "forever." In fact, the Welsh phrase appears in the Welsh motto: "Cymru am byth." The Welsh noun "Cymru" is the word for "Wales." The Engl (MORE)

What rhymes with forever?

Lever, never, clever, sever, endeavor, ever, however, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever, whoever, whomever, whatsoever, whatsoever, WHOOPSEVER soeverneverhoweverwhatever (MORE)

What can you do in England?

England is full of fantastic things to do, though of course tourists are advised to plan to work around the weather! Here are a few highly recommended activities: Visit Londo (MORE)

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