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How did George Meade die?

On October 31, 1872 he discovered a violent pain in his side. (his old wound from the Battle of Glendale reactivated internal problems.) On November 7, 1872 because of pneumon (MORE)

Who fired Union General George Meade?

Union Major General Meade decided not to pursue Lee during hisretreat. Meade figured that Lee losing over a quarter of his armywas defeat enough. In doing so he lost his oppor (MORE)

What did George H Mead contribute to sociology?

George Mead developed the Stages of Self in Sociology. This is a theory of Social Behaviorism to explain how social experience develops an individual's personality. The "self" (MORE)

Was George meade for slavery?

Not much is known about whether or not George Meade was for  slavery. He did support Whig party candidate, George McClellan who  wanted to focus on reuniting the Southern st (MORE)

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