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Which way first for the funeral casket?

They normally go in the church ( Fore and aft) horizontal I would imagine the feet first ( the coffin is closed at the actual requiem mass) The Principal Mourner walks directl (MORE)

How much is a casket?

According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the  average retail price of a metal casket was $2,395 in 2012. (More  than two thirds of all caskets sold in (MORE)

Why was jfk casket not open for viewing?

Because he was shot in the head with a high-powered rifle and the  wound caused substantial damage to the right side of his head. The  embalmer did try and reconstruct his h (MORE)

Why was JFK's casket not open?

With respect to your question concerning the issue of an open casket funeral (or lack thereof)for President Kennedy: In his excellent book, "The Death of a President" (one of (MORE)

Did Patsy Cline have an open casket?

Yes, but it was placed in her home and those who were not family members or friends did not get to see her. There was no open casket service for Patsy. Patsy's body was horrib (MORE)
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How big is the average casket?

In the US, the dimensions of standard caskets for adults are: - outside dimensions: 80" - 83" (length) 26" - 29" (width) 20" - 24" (height) inside dimensions: 77" - 79" (le (MORE)

What is the length of a casket?

The standard length of American casket varies between 80" and 83". Over the time, the standard length has increased because the average size of people has increased. The longe (MORE)

How much does a casket cost?

Casket prices vary considerably both at the wholesale and at the retail level. At the retail level, the prices charged by the funeral homes are often - although not always - (MORE)

What does casket mean?

In modern language, the word casket means either a box, for example  a small box for jewels, or a burial receptacle. In the latter  sense, casket is synonymous with coffin. (MORE)

What is a soldiers casket?

A casket provided by the government for its soldiers at no cost or  at a reduced price.   In 1969 for example, President Eisenhower was buried in a simple  soldiers' cas (MORE)