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What did Frederick William herschel invent?

Federick William Herschel was the inventor of the Hersinian telescope. He invented this in his backyard with his sister Caroline while discovering an odd shaped star in the sk (MORE)
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How did Frederick William gain absolute power in Prussia?

Frederick William ruled Prussia after the Thirty Years' War. Known as the Great Elector, he made a deal with the powerful nobles in the various parts of Prussia. In exchange f (MORE)

Who can not be an elector?

No person , elected or appointed to a federal office can be an elector, also anyone who has sworn an oath to support and defend the constitution and has later rebelled is not (MORE)

Why did Frederick William of Prussia refuse the throne?

Frederick William IV of Prussia was king of Prussia during the  Revolutions of 1848, often nicknamed the "Spring of Nations".  During the revolution, a German parliament sta (MORE)

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