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How do you get a free WEBSITE? gives away free websites when you use one of their hosts. It costs you 5 dollars a month for hosting and they have some really nice websites they give away. (MORE)
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How can you get a free website?

To build a website, firstly you'll need to find a host. There are quite a large number of hosting services which are available for free on the web. Just do a search and you sh (MORE)
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Where can you get a free website?

There are several sources for decent websites that are free (or close to it). Check out for free websites that are hosted. For blogs, check out and Wor (MORE)
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Is Free Realms a free website?

No listening to THAT person. Yes, FreeRealms IS free. the virus is from her computer. NOT FreeRealms. I have been playing for a year. But if you want a membership, THAT is NOT (MORE)
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Where do you get a free website?

You can get a free website, with a long Web Address on sites like and such. But if you want to get a small address like: Then you have to pay for (MORE)
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How to get free website?

There are several sites on which you can make a free website. is probably the most common. You can also try,, or just Google "free website maker" (MORE)
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What website can i create a website for free?

Don't use a website to create your own website. Most are just free-trials riddled with spyware and malware, and it is inefficient. Websites are merely servers on which lang (MORE)
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What websites can you go on to make a free website?

I always recommend Wordpress. Initially started just for blogs, but now an amazing outlet for some great websites. Wordpress is constantly adding new plug-ins to make this the (MORE)