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How do you get a free WEBSITE? gives away free websites when you use one of their hosts. It costs you 5 dollars a month for hosting and they have some really nice websites they give away. ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a free website?

To build a website, firstly you'll need to find a host. There are quite a large number of hosting services which are available for free on the web. Just do a search and you sh ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a free website?

There are several sources for decent websites that are free (or close to it). Check out for free websites that are hosted. For blogs, check out and Wor ( Full Answer )
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Is Free Realms a free website?

No listening to THAT person. Yes, FreeRealms IS free. the virus is from her computer. NOT FreeRealms. I have been playing for a year. But if you want a membership, THAT is NOT ( Full Answer )
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A free website to get ringtones free?

There is a website called It is free and I would know that because I have one.
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Where do you get a free website?

You can get a free website, with a long Web Address on sites like and such. But if you want to get a small address like: Then you have to pay for ( Full Answer )
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How to get free website?

There are several sites on which you can make a free website. is probably the most common. You can also try,, or just Google "free website maker" ( Full Answer )
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What website can i create a website for free?

Don't use a website to create your own website. Most are just free-trials riddled with spyware and malware, and it is inefficient. Websites are merely servers on which lang ( Full Answer )
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What websites can you go on to make a free website?

I always recommend Wordpress. Initially started just for blogs, but now an amazing outlet for some great websites. Wordpress is constantly adding new plug-ins to make this the ( Full Answer )