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Is there a Wii freeloader?

There is no official Wii freeloader. Though there is a trick that will let you play import games! 1. Turn on your wii 2. Put in an American Gamecube Disc 3. Go to the Di (MORE)
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Is there a freeloader for the PS2?

No there is no Freeloader for the Play Station 2. However there is a disk called the Swap Magic That produces the same results, giving it the ability to play Imports, and boot (MORE)
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Does the freeloader work for the wii?

If you want to download games, and movies to your wii go to Its amazing. I use it and the movies are high quality, and you can download any game yo (MORE)
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What is a freeloader?

it is a disc for GameCube that allows you to play games from regions that would be blocked by the GameCube. for example, it would allow you to play a game from japan on a us G (MORE)
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How do you get the freeloader for Wii?

you buy it from eBay, amazon .etc. it is around £9.99-£14.54 new it does not break your Nintendo wii (DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE IT THEY'RE NOT REALLY ALLOWED IF YO (MORE)
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Why is freeloading a harmful activity?

Freeloading is a harmful activity because people might not know what free loading is and because they can get hurt.
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How do you get rid of a freeloading person legally?

If the freeloader is not a relative and you have asked politely for him to leave with no results, call the sheriff. Sheriff's deputies will usually assist you in removing some (MORE)
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How do you get rid of your freeloading boyfriend?

By telling him directly on face that I'm not your credit card.Better find a new one if u want to be a freeloader and give detailsand bills of his share in the end.