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What is the definition of fruitless?

  If something is considered "fruitless" it is meant to bear no fruit. Therefore if an endeavor or behavior is fruitless it is meant to accomplish nothing. If a relationsh (MORE)
In Macbeth

What does Macbeth mean by upon your head they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in your gripe?

He means that he has been given a crown with essentially no meaning as Banquo's son will be the one to take over the throne, no son of Macbeth will ever continue on the crown
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If you twist your knee snowboarding just to the left bottom of the right knee burns if sitting still but not when your using it you went to the Dr it was a fruitless trip any ideas?

The results of a twist or sprain can be just about imposible to detect around a reasonably healthy joint. The best thing you can do is just take it easy on the knee for a whil (MORE)

Discuss why it would be fruitless to prescribe penicillin for a viral infection?

Penicillin's mode of action is dependent on the beta-lactam ring.  This ring is analogous to the D-ala-D-ala peptide chain on glycan  strands in peptidoglycan, the component (MORE)