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What is the definition of fruitless?

If something is considered "fruitless" it is meant to bear no fruit. Therefore if an endeavor or behavior is fruitless it is meant to accomplish nothing. If a relationship is (MORE)

Fruitless in a sentence?

"Bob thought that asking a vocabulary question on would be fruitless, but he was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply." "Although Annie applied to several jobs (MORE)

Discuss why it would be fruitless to prescribe penicillin for a viral infection?

Penicillin's mode of action is dependent on the beta-lactam ring.This ring is analogous to the D-ala-D-ala peptide chain on glycanstrands in peptidoglycan, the component that (MORE)

How can you use the word fruitless in a sentence?

That tree was fruitless when the gardener checked on it. I hope that answers your question. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are two meanings for fruitle (MORE)

Is it fruitless to give an old flame another try?

A little more on the topic: I am in the process of a divorce and an old flame professed his love for me the day before yesterday. I still love him and know that I will neve (MORE)