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Northern line tube stations list?

Edgware Branch -   Edgware, Burnt Oak, Colindale, Hendon Central, Brent Cross, Golders Green, Hampstead, Belsize Park, Chalk Farm  High Barnet Branch -   High Barnet, (MORE)

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What subway do you take from Penn Station to Spring Street and Broadway?

You could take the Downtown C train (of the A-C-E, the blue line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to Spring Street (at 6th Avenue). Unless you are traveling late at night, in wh (MORE)

How do you get from Penn Station to 120 Broadway?

Take the Downtown 2 or 3 trains (of the 1-2-3, the red subway line), 5 stops, from 34th Street-Penn Station to Wall Street. Depending on which exit you use, you may exit the (MORE)

Deepest London tube station?

This depends on your definition of 'deepest'.   The deepest station counted from the street above is Hampstead  Station, on the Northern Line. It is 192 feet under the st (MORE)