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What is a gaggle?

A gaggle is a crowd of loud people or a noisy group or gathering. Agaggle is a flock of geese.
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Does a goose gaggle?

Gaggle is not something a goose does it is the word for a large group of geese.
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Gaggle of geese?

A gaggle of geese refers to a huddle of geese that are on theground nesting, or not in flight. Geese that are in group fight arecalled a skein.

Why is it named gaggle?

Coined along with many other collective nouns in 15th century, possibly from Old Norse gagl "goose", or from Middle English where the word meant "mindless chatter" usually a (MORE)
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What is the number gaggle?

gaggle is a flock of geese, googol though is a number which is a large number followed by many zeros such as 10 100
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What is gaggle a noun or a verb?

The word 'gaggle' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a flock of geese; a disorderly or noisy group of people.
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Which type of word is gaggle?

The word gaggle is a singular, common, concrete noun , a word for a noisy, disorderly group ofpeople or a collective noun for a flock of geese; a word for athing.

What noun is gaggle?

The noun 'gaggle' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word fora thing. The noun 'gaggle' is a standard collective noun for a group ofgeese.