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What are collective nouns for animals besides flock herd gaggle clutch and litter?

Some additional collective nouns for animals are: an army of antsa troop of baboonsa culture of bacteriaa battery of barracudasa colony of batsa sleuth of bearsa swarm of bees (MORE)
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What type of word is gaggle?

Gaggle is a verb and a noun.    The verb gaggle is to make a noise characteristic of a goose;  to cackle.  The noun gaggle is a word for a flock of geese when not in  (MORE)
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What noun is gaggle?

The noun 'gaggle' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for  a thing.   The noun 'gaggle' is a standard collective noun for a group of  geese.
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Is the word gaggle a pronoun?

No, the word 'gaggle' is a noun, a word for a group of geese  (while they are on the ground); a word for a disorderly group of  people; a word for a thing.    A prono (MORE)