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What plants grows best in a garden?

Provenant indigenous plants. otherwise known as "Native" plants. They grow naturally in your area, they are purposefull in your local ecosystem and apart of your local plant c (MORE)

Can you plant daffodils and tulips together in the garden?

Yes but as you garden the word but will appear more often then not. Daffodils and tulips can co-exist nicely in the garden. The but part comes with flowering time and color. B (MORE)

What can you do with photography?

You can go into forensics (criminal photography), portraits, weddings, children, landscapes. All kinda things including marketing, business almost anything Here are some of t (MORE)

Do frogs kill garden plants?

Yes, some frogs in certain areas or certain states can tend to  destroy the roots of some plants. They dig down into the soil where  its moist and cool.

What is the best type of olive tree to plant in your garden?

it is better to plant a olive tree that gives you medium size olive so you can pick them and eat them. small olives are only good for oil. you can plant a kalamata or Volos (MORE)