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Where are GE windmills manufactured?

Nobody will answer this question because the Federal Government is spending Trillions to build and maintain these things and they are manufactured in China. Oh, the kicker GE (MORE)

Are GE Cameras any good?

No. They're not. My job lets me get my hands on a lot of different cameras, and i'd say that without a doubt that GE cameras are by far the worst ones I've had the displeasur (MORE)

What does 'Da Ge' mean in Chinese?

"Da Ge" written as " 大哥 " means "older brother."    "Da (大)" literally means bigger   "Ge (哥)" is a shortened form of 哥哥 which also means older brother. (MORE)

Is a GE T7 bulb similar to a GE T8?

The "T" number indicates the number of 1/8th of an inch in diameter. A T7 would be 7/8" diameter, and T8 would be 8/8 or one inch in diameter. But from what I can tell, the le (MORE)

What is GE money?

GE Money is a scam! Don't fall for it. It's only good for buying light bulbs. It is a difficult company to deal with - knowing it belongs to General Electric. Does it have a c (MORE)

When did GE impliment Six Sigma?

Jack Welch brought Six Sigma to GE in late 1995. He approached a committee of 500 top managers with the goal of being a total Six Sigma company with little to no manufacturing (MORE)