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How do you get a Pokemon with no gender?

In the Pokemon series, while most Pokemon are either male or female, there are some Pokemon, that naturally have no gender. These Pokemon do not include Legendary Pokemon, in (MORE)

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What is Allah Gender?

Allah is the Arabic name of God, same God worshiped by Christians and Jews. Allah has no gender of female or male as God and Goddess. Allah has no plural as Gods or Goddesse (MORE)
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What gender is my Cockatoo?

It depends on the species. In many species of cockatoo, it is  almost impossible to tell the difference between a male and a  female. In some, the colouring of the feathers (MORE)

What is gender of peacock?

As with most other creatures there are male and female among the Peafowl.The male is known as the Peacock and the female as the Peahen.
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What is the gender for shepherd?

As an occupation shepherd would normally have been applied to a male who tended to a flock of sheep, while shepherdess would have been applied to a female.
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