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What is a gene and what does it do?

A gene is a segment of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that contains information for making proteins, which carry out traits that are passed down from a parent or parents that mak (MORE)
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Why are genes regulated?

The primary reason genes are regulated is to keep a cell from overproducing a protein that it does not need. A good example of this would be E. coli. E. coli is capable of pro (MORE)

What are the structures of Genes?

The Fine Structures are as follows: 1) The Start Codon: Met is specific for one amino acid [Met] yet f-Met uniquely specifies the Start codon. 2) There are two kinds of 'upst (MORE)

What are deleterious genes?

The general definition of deleterious is "harmful". A deleterious gene is a gene that generally decreases the fitness of the individual.
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What is Bt gene?

A gene isolated from a bacterium that produces a crystalline protein that when eaten by insects shreds their insides kills them. Acts as an effective biological alternative to (MORE)
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What is products?

The noun 'product' is a word for an article or substance that is  manufactured or refined for sale; the number or expression  resulting from the multiplication of two or mor (MORE)