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What does genuine mean?

genuine means an original product that may have been product of a by gone age the term genuine would refer to the origonal product a replica or copy would be made in the recen (MORE)

What is genuine love?

Genuine love is an undiscribable feeling. It is a butterflies in stomach,all you can think about,all you can dream about kind of feeling.It is one of the greatest feelings eve (MORE)

What is 'genuine' in Italian?

Genuino is an Italian equivalent of 'genuine'. It's pronounced 'jeh-noo-EE-noh'. It's the masculine form of the adjective. The feminine equivalent is 'genuina', which is pron (MORE)

What is an exception?

The noun exception is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule, something that canno (MORE)

What are genuine diamonds?

Genuine (natural) diamonds are formed deep within the earth'smantle, erupted to the surface through volcanic pipes and mined orgathered. Genuine (man-made) diamonds are formed (MORE)

What is a genuine revelation?

A: A genuine revelation from God, against which there could be no possible dispute, would be one in which the revelation: . is unambiguous - it can only have one meaning, (MORE)

Is myeasycashbiz genuine?

Cash never comes easy, sites like are not genuine at all. If you ever see an ad that says you have to hand over a small amount of money to make more money alarm (MORE)
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What is the plural of genuine?

Genuine is not a noun. It has no plural. It must describe something else, and that thing can be pluralized.