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What are the symptoms of GERD?

Though heartburn is the characteristic symptom of GERD in  adolescents and adults, GERD in children and infants is not so easy  to recognize. Frequent vomiting or spitting u (MORE)
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Is cayenne pepper good for gerd?

I don't think so. But the strategy there is antagonistic homeopathy. e.g. making things worse so the body kicks back, a boomerang or yoyo effect. It's probably trying (MORE)

Who is most prone to develop GERD?

If it is in your family, regardless of Mother's side or Father's side. If you have any kind of Heartburn, you are prone to GERD. Also, if you have too much stress on a regular (MORE)

What are some symptoms of GERD?

Some symptoms of GERD are pain in the chest and hoarseness in the morning. Other symptoms of GERD include difficulty swallowing, persistent dry cough, and bad breath.
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Who is Gerd Muller?

Gerd Muller is a former German football player and one of the most prolific goalscorers of all time. Before the goal scored by Ronaldo against Ghana in the Round of 16 of the (MORE)

How do you treat gerd?

Reduce salt (NaCl) intake (to reduce excess stomach acid (HCl) production), & try to let your body heal itself. A water fasting cure is also recommended. ~10 days, to re (MORE)

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