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What is a geriatric?

Answer   A geriatric is an elderly person. Geriatrics is the study of medicine pertaining to the elderly. Geriatrics is the medical specialty which focuses on the care (MORE)

What Respiratory problems geriatric?

  Answer   This is such a complex questions and medications in the elderly can cause respiratory problems and sometimes is not classified under geriatrics.   Pleas (MORE)

What does a geriatrics doctor?

Doctors specializing in the field of "geriatrics" (the elderly), deal with a part of the general population sometimes called or considered to be "frail elderly," even though m (MORE)

What is geriatric optometry?

Optomotrists who specialize in prescribing eyeglasses and contacts for older people who have vision problems like cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy, or glaucoma.
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How do you use geriatrics in a sentence?

The word "geriatrics" is used as medical terminology. An example of  the word "geriatrics" in a sentence is "He decided to see a doctor  that specializes in geriatrics becau (MORE)
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What are some contraindications of geriatric massage?

There are no general contraindications for massage to the geriatric population. Of course there are some concerns that should be addressed. One of them is cardiovascular disea (MORE)

What is a geriatric food designer?

Geriatric Food Designer are Food Scientists specializing in edibles for the elderly that will alter texture, flavor, and nutritional value to create foods seniors can enjoy. T (MORE)
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What do geriatric care do?

They provide general care to elderly patients - who are unable to  care for themselves. The 'care' can be something as simple as  helping the person dress or wash themselves (MORE)