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What is 'Gian' when translated from Italian to English?

"Jack" is an English equivalent of the Italian name Gian . The diminutive in question represents a shortened form of the masculine proper noun Giovanni ("John"). The pronun (MORE)
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How old was Giacomo Puccini when he died?

He died when he was 65 years old in Brussels, Belgium He died due to a heart attack caused by complications during surgery for throat cancer. He is laid to rest inside a spe (MORE)
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How did Giacomo Puccini Die?

In 1923, Puccini developed cancer of the throat. Treatment at a Brussels clinic seemed successful, but his heart could not stand the strain and he died.
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Who were the medicis?

The Medici were a powerful family that ruled Florence for over 100 years. They supported some of the greatest artists of the renaissance, such as Donatello and Michelangelo. (MORE)

Who was Giacomo Casanova?

Giacomo Casanova (aka le Chevalier de Seingalt) was the son of Gaetan-Joseph-Jacques Casanova and his wife Zanetta, born April 2, 1725. He was known for having many female lov (MORE)

Who are the Medici family?

they were a very influential family during the renaissance. They gained there wealth from banking and other businesses. They slowly gained power and became one of the most inf (MORE)

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