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What is the meaning of gigolo?

A gigolo is a man who offers companionship or sexual activity towomen for monetary or other compensation. Other terms include male escort, Lothario, stud, rake, or ladies'man. (MORE)
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How do you get the egg on gigolo assassin?

go to the bathroom and click use and click first click the . right ,left ,that the middle one twice . then go the the lobby and the snake head will be open . but before y (MORE)
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Can you be a gigolo?

You can be if you are able to ge women to pay you for your sexual services yes
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How are gigolos recognized?

Most male escorts in the United States use an escort service rather than working the streets. However, the usual way to recognize a gigolo working the streets is by the fac (MORE)
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What does Gigolos mean?

Male prostitution is the sale of sexual services (prostitution) by a male (a gigolo, manwhore, hooker, rentboy, boy2rent, rentman, callboy, hustler (MORE)
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How can become a gigolo in delhi?

we have our client base in Delhi, Jaipur , Indore , Bhopal and Jhansi.. we are planning to expend our services to other cities of India.. so if you are interested in doin (MORE)
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How join gigolo service?

I suppose you can just become one if you can find a pimp who will take you...
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Is a gigolo gay?

No, not particularly. Strictly speaking , a gigolo is a man who is paid by awoman - or a number of women - to be an escort or lover as hisprofession. The specific term refer (MORE)