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Examples of Global Village?

A global village is the idea that people are connected by various,  convenient modes of travel, media and electronic technology and  have become a single community. Good exa (MORE)

What is the global electronic village?

Global Electronic Village (GEV) is a term used to refer to a village without borders, its refers to connecting people around the world using Information Communication Technolo (MORE)

What has caused earth to be global village?

Earth has become what we term a global village gradually over the past century or so as planet-wide communication has become possible; now with instant communication throughou (MORE)

How can you explain global village?

Well its very complicated you see a global village is a village that is bigger then the world but it is sometimes said that there is a legend that once the whole world was a v (MORE)
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of global village?

Global village is often a term that describes telecommunications and/or the World Wide Web. Advantages are: 1. better communications throughout the world. 2. a wider sou (MORE)

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