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What is a fake goth?

SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BE A GOTH. A POSER.   Someone who has a Hot Topic fequent buyers card and thinks that Manson is a goth singer.
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What colors are goth?

Black, dark browns, dark reds, dark blues , purple - variations and shades thereof. Some would say that 'goth' is a state of mind, not just the colors you wear.
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What do i do to be a goth?

Listen to Goth Rock or a Sub-Genre of it. This doesn't mean cut yourself, write poetry (although you may), contemplate excessively, speak like your from the 1400's, be sad, li (MORE)

Are you goth?

I, personally, am. I have a great understanding of the Gothic subculture and a deep interest in the music, literature and fashion along with the darker side of life.
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What does goth mean?

Goth, first and foremost, is a state of mind. It's a point of view  that has at its center a thirst for the forbidden, the dark, and  the mysterious. We find beauty in what (MORE)

What is the Goth subculture?

Goth used to be a religion before Jesus Christ was born. correction: Goth was never a religion. It was a term used to describe two Germanic tribes: The ostrogoths and the visi (MORE)

What is true goth?

What does gothic mean in regards to the group of people? Here's where it gets confusing. There are things that many Goths like that are not gothic (Industrial or Classical mus (MORE)
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Are skelanimals goth?

  well some think they are but they dont have to not goth but i love Skelanimals!!! anyone can think wat they want i mean some think they r emo or goth or wat ever (MORE)

What do goths eat?

goths eat the same food as anyone else would eat. they are not different creatures..
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