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Is slipknot goth?

No, they are not Gothic at all. The whole "Nu Metal'' scene is very popular among the pathetic Mall Goths (who don't know what real Gothic couture really is) just because it's (MORE)
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What does it takes to be goth?

It honestly depends how you look at it. What does "goth" mean to you? It's not just wearing black and it is NOT shopping at Hot Topic, NOT listening to Manson,HIM,Evanescence, (MORE)

How do you not be goth?

To not be goth is really hard. Coming from a goth person. I used to always wear pink until my parents split. So the depression got a hold of me. So if you have a problem talk (MORE)

What do i do to be a goth?

Listen to Goth Rock or a Sub-Genre of it. This doesn't mean cut yourself, write poetry (although you may), contemplate excessively, speak like your from the 1400's, be sad, li (MORE)

Are you goth?

I, personally, am. I have a great understanding of the Gothic subculture and a deep interest in the music, literature and fashion along with the darker side of life.
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What do goths believe in?

The definition of a goth is basically a person who dresses in black and listens to heavy metal music so as to appear very emo or solitary. Goths are entitled to believe in wha (MORE)
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What is an elite goth?

An Elite Goth is almost identical to your "typical" goth. The differences are usually the following: -Over the age of 25 -Will REFUSE to shop anywhere goth clothing is sol (MORE)

Why is there Goths?

because of three band: joy division, siouxsie and the banshees and of course bauhaus. they introduced a style of music and look, their fans began dressing in fashion inspired (MORE)

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