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Who said A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do?

Fred MacMurray said it in "The Rains of Ranchipur" in 1955. At the end of 1955 film critic Clyde Gilmour awarded it a prize for the stupidest phrase ever used in a movie. ( Full Answer )
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Origin of you gotta do what you gotta do?

First, You dig ur but and wait until you can find a nut, Then you eat the nut and throw up all ova yer pants den you go to deh market and buy some moar
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What is you gotta feeling about?

it is about your mom and how she wants 2 go have a party,but cant and other stuff,jk idk listen to the song!
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How do you use gotta?

"Gotta" is a slang form of "I have got to/I must". It is used in colloquial, slangy talk, such as: "When you gotta go, you gotta go".
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What do you gotta do to be a boxer?

Train with a certified boxing coach in a legit club, meet his/her expectations to be ready for your first fight. Also have to be registered with the boxing association
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Who sang gotta be you?

Harry Styles sang the WHOLE song of Gotta Be You, that's why it's my favourite!
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What does gotta mean?

The term "gotta" means "got to" or "have to". For instance, if someone says, "I gotta do my homework soon", it means that person has to get their homework finished soon.