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What are grains?

Grains are grasses cultivated for their fruit seeds (caryopis) that can be ground as a source of food (carbohydrates, specifically starches, and fiber). Common grains include (MORE)
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What is a grain elevator?

A grain elevator is a tall building that often stands around 400 feet tall that is used to store grain prior to shipping out on a train or by truck. Using a series of augers a (MORE)
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What is a grain?

it is either a plant/ food e.g a grain of rice . textiles- the way a pattern should go on a piece of fabric e.g it should go horizontal across the selvedge. . the grain of a (MORE)
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What is the importance of grains?

Grains are main sources of carbohydrates. they provided different types of carbs like soluble/insoluble or simple/complex carbohydrates etc. whole grains are loaded with many (MORE)
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Is salt a grain?

No, Salt is a mineral composed of Na and Cl ions. A grains is usually a single seed of a cereal. A grain of salt, may mean a single small piece of salt - and taken with a gr (MORE)
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Where is grain kept?

In grain elevators before they are bagged and sent to feed stores. In your own barn galvanized garbage cans are the best.
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What are food grain?

Food grains and cereals directory is a vast collection of information related to the leading manufacturers of food grains and cereals in India. ...
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What is grain in a bullet?

The weight of the bullet. They can range from 25 grain (Small rifles) to over 400 grain for big game.
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Is buckwheat a grain?

It's a grain, but it is not a cereal or a grass. It's known as apseudocereal. It is grown as food in poorer soils where the growing season isshort.