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Who is meredith lane?

I got a solicitation from Meredith Lane with Translation Press at about the same time. Somehow, I ended up on some psychic mailing list and not only got that one but letters f (MORE)

What is an opera?

  It's like a play, but the story is sung instead of simply spoken. As in a play, the characters act and there is staging. Some operas have spoken dialogue between songs (MORE)

What is Opera?

An opera is a dramatic work to be sung with instrumental accompaniment, usually with scenery and in costume.    Opera is also the name of the web browser and internet s (MORE)

What is an acceleration lane?

A short lane at the end of an entrance ramp that allows  entering traffic to build up speed, before merging in to into  main travel lanes.
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What is a weave lane?

A weave lane is the part of the highway or freeway where both an  entrance and exit exist. It is called this because cars will be  weaving in and out of lanes to either ente (MORE)
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Leed grand theatre what would female wear for the opera?

Depending on whether you're attending a benefit opera, where you're likely to spend the most for tickets -- wear something formal; or an opening night and just want to be seen (MORE)