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Why is Caesar a great leader?

Caesar was one of history's most important figures. Rome was a broken republic, in the hands of the Senate, the richer citizens. The over populating Plebeian group was poor an (MORE)

How many battles did Julius Julius Caesar fight in?

pliny the elder credits him with 50 battles before he went to Gaul 58-50bc he won the corona civica in a seige in asia minor and went to spain aas a pro-preator and fought the (MORE)

How many battles did Julius Caesar lose?

He lost only one. It was The Battle of Gergovia. However, it was a minor lose. He lost 700 men, and the Gauls lost 300 men. He came back short after and destroyed the Gauls at (MORE)

How many battles did Julius Caesar fight in?

he fought 10 in the civil war and 9 in the gallic wars it is not known how may town he stormed but is credided with storming 800 destroying 300 gallic tribes plus his campaign (MORE)

Why is Julius Caesar a great leader?

He was a great leader as he is awesome! He was very disciplined with himself and his army, i.e. agreeing to the killing of every tenth man when the troops he maintained had be (MORE)

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What did Julius Caesar do that Alexander the Great did?

Caesar set out to be greater than Alexander.  While Alexander had taken over the Persian Empire in Asia, his  early death terminated his plan to conquer western Europe.  Ca (MORE)