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What are ABBA's greatest hits?

Their top five songs, based on national chart positions from 17  countries, are:     5. Knowing Me, Knowing You   4. The Winner Takes it All   3. Fernando  (MORE)

Metallicas greatest hits?

    Metallica has not officially released a "Greatest Hits" CD titled as such to date. However, they did release a boxed set of three complete live concerts along with (MORE)
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What Songs are on The Eagles greatest hits?

Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) contains: "Take It Easy" "Witchy Woman" "Lyin' Eyes" "Already Gone" "Desperado" "One of These Nights" "Tequila Sunrise" "Take I (MORE)

What are Santana greatest hits?

  I wouldd have to say that black magic woman is my fav. but I also did some research, and here is the top ten.   # "Evil Ways"  # "Jingo"  # "Hope You're Feeling Bet (MORE)

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