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What is meant by plebiscite?

A plebiscite refers to a type of referendum. In it, the voters of a given jurisdiction place their votes on some proposal, usually for motion in the legislative body of that r (MORE)

What leader uses plebiscite to make him emperor?

In the mid 19th Century Louis-Napoleon, also known as Napoleon the Third (serving as France's President at the time) held a plebiscite in France to decide the question of whet (MORE)
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What was the capital of Norway before 1924?

  Oslo (formerly known as Christiania/Kristiania) became the capital of Norway in 1299, and has retained that status ever since. Before Oslo, the capital was Bergen (forme (MORE)

What is the value of a 1924 British Halfcrown?

A British 1924 50% silver Halfcrown (George V), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £110 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, (MORE)

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Why was tennis banned from the Olympics in 1924?

Following the 1924 Olympics, after 28 years of Olympic tennis, the International Olympics Commitee (IOC) and the International Tennis Federation came into conflict over the pa (MORE)

If you were a French voter in 1803 how would you have voted on the plebiscite to make Napoleon Emperor?

If I was A French soldier in 1803 I would have voted no to make Napoleon emperor. I would have voted no because, although some of Napoleons laws or rights were good, at differ (MORE)

Who was the Russian dictator that reigned in 1924?

vladimir ilyich lenin died in 1924,stalin replaced him Joseph Stalin is the dictator who reigned in 1924. It is true that Lenin lived until January 21, 1924, but by March 1923 (MORE)

Who was the Russian leader in 1924?

Technically, Vladimir Lenin was leader of Russia until his death in January 1924, even though he was completely disabled by a stroke and was not able to do anything. After Len (MORE)

1924 crosman 22 what is it worth?

The 1924 was made between 1923-24. Please state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value. Is it in very good, good, fair or poor condition? Does it still work. I (MORE)