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Why is a gas called a greenhouse gas?

A greenhouse gas is basically a gas that absorbs the sun's energy. They warm the the atmosphere of the Earth. The main greenhouse gases are CO2 (carbon dioxide), water vapor, (MORE)

What is a greenhouse gas?

A greenhouse gas is an atmospheric gas that absorbs and retains energy from infrared radiation. Greenhouse gases must have at least three atoms, to vibrate and turn the radiat (MORE)

How will greenhouse gas affect the ocean?

The main direct effect of greenhouse gas on the ocean is increased acidity. As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise, more carbon dioxide is dissolved in the surface waters o (MORE)

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Is biomass a greenhouse gas?

Biomass is the burning of plant material, usually to generate electricity. So biomass is not a greenhouse gas. But burning it releases a greenhouse gas. It does add carbon d (MORE)

What makes a greenhouse gas a greenhouse gas?

Greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation, which means they trap heat. Nitrogen and oxygen tend to be thermodynamically inert, meaning they let the heat escape. Water vapor, (MORE)