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Is H2 a greenhouse gas?

Yes sure why not if you want it to be. Hydrogen (H2) is similar to carbon monoxide in that it acts as an indirect greenhouse gas through its effect on hydroxyl (OH) radicals. (MORE)

What is the most powerful greenhouse gas?

Water vapor far and away absorbs more radiation then all other greenhouse gases combined (over 80%). The one that We "produce" the most (CO2) is a weak GHG and produces about (MORE)

What makes a greenhouse gas a greenhouse gas?

Greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation, which means they trap heat. Nitrogen and oxygen tend to be thermodynamically inert, meaning they let the heat escape. Water vapor, (MORE)

Why is oxygen not a greenhouse gas?

Oxygen has only two atoms (O2). A greenhouse gas must have three atoms or more so they can capture the infrared radiation and stop it leaving the atmosphere. So gases like oxy (MORE)

What is the greenhouse gas effect?

the greenhouse effect is an increase in the average temperature of the earth "Greenhouse gases" such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and methane, slow the escape of heat (MORE)

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What is a greenhouse gas?

A greenhouse gas is an atmospheric gas that absorbs and retains energy from infrared radiation. Greenhouse gases must have at least three atoms, to vibrate and turn the radiat (MORE)

What is the most important greenhouse gas?

This depends on what you mean by important. For instance chlorinated fluorocarbons at a given concentration have an effect thousands of times that of the same concentration of (MORE)
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Is a halocarbon coonsidered as a greenhouse gas?

A greenhouse gas is gas which has the capacity to trap heat and inturn releases heat to the environemnt.Considering a halocarbon,it does not have this property.Instead, it cau (MORE)

Is greenhouse gas CO2?

Not exactly. CO2 is a green house gas, but not all green house gas is CO2. As a matter of fact CO2 only makes up 0.038% of our atmosphere. Water vapor is the main green house (MORE)

Which is the greenhouse gas of greatest concern?

Carbon dioxide (CO2). This is the one that is largely contributing to global warming, and it's the one that we can possibly do something about, by reducing our burning of foss (MORE)