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What is Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a specially constructed place to trap warmth and maintain humidity. This place is generally constructed outdoors where sunlight can be trapped and warmth be cr (MORE)

What are the advantages of greenhouse technology?

  The following are the advantages of using the greenhouse for growing crops under controlled environment:   1. Throughout the year four to five crops can be grown in (MORE)
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Why is a greenhouse called a greenhouse?

Answer greenhouses were once the only green spot in a white winter in Europe Greenhouses were glasshouses until copper oxide was added to the glass (to reflect sunlight) gi (MORE)
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How does a greenhouse works?

A greenhouse is a building constructed entirely of windows. The glass freely admits sunlight, allowing the greenhouse to warm up during the day, and at night the glass retains (MORE)

What is the greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect refers to the way the sun's heat radiates up  from the warmed surface of the earth, where it is absorbed by the  greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Th (MORE)

What is a greenhouse?

Green House  Green house is the closed environment specially meant for plants. this environments has all the factors (temperature, humidity etc.) controlled by any means. Th (MORE)

What is the point of the greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a building used to grow plants, usually plants that  aren't suited for the climate where the greenhouse is. Greenhouses  are usually very humid and stay very (MORE)

What are the greenhouses gasses?

Greenhouse gasses are gases in the atmosphere that absorb, and that emit radiation within the thermal infrared range. Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere include water vapor, c (MORE)