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Is Geraldine Edwards the rock groupie Almost Famous was based on and the late Robert Palmer's fiancee an attorney?

No, she is not. I am a friend of her oldest nephew, who is forty years old, by the way. Although I will not mention his name, he works as an Associate Attorney at the law firm (MORE)

Is there a bio or photos of geraldine Edwards the groupie that the character penny lane of almost famous was based on?

No, there is no biography of Geraldine Edwards. She has expressed no interest in having one created and she has been asked. There are a few pictures of her on the Internet, on (MORE)

What happened to Sable Starr Lori Maddox and Geraldine Edwards who were well known as the baby groupies in the seventies?

Sable Starr, whose actual name was Sable Shields, was born in 1958. She came from a wealthy family, her father was a very successful attorney and her mother a local Los Angele (MORE)

Is a town in Kansas a tourist attraction for 'The Wizard of Oz' groupies?

Yes, a town in Kansas is a tourist attraction for groupies of "The Wizard of Oz" book by Lyman Frank Baum (May 15, 1856-May 6, 1919) and film of 1939. Specifically, there ar (MORE)

Was Melia McEnry Eric Claptons wife a groupie before she married him?

Yes she was. Melia McEnry dated more than one famous musician prior to her marriage to Eric Clapton. In fact, Melia McEnry was backstage at Eric Clapton's Columbus, Ohio show (MORE)