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What is a groupie?

Someone who sleeps or screws the band. By the band I meen a famous rockstar. Now I am sure that some of you boys would now love to become rockstars. And girls this does pay go (MORE)

What are groupies?

Girls that follow their favorite bands around, trying to meet them and get behind stage passes etc. They are fans who take it to the extreme Actually, groupies are girls w (MORE)
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What is a groupy?

By the way this is how u spell groupy g-r-o-u-p-i-e groupies are sluts!!!!! They follow a rock band wear ever and the have total sex with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totaly sick!!!!
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Is it bad to be a groupie?

Groupies are fun people who get a lot of sex. If you are into sex, it's a great way to get it, and you see a different side to life. Don't take any notice of people who will c (MORE)
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Does Matt tuck sleep with groupies?

in an interview i watched he stated that he did find that lifestyle intriging.. sex,drugs rock n roll..and he did sleep around a bit.. . but now he says he doesn't see the po (MORE)

How to get groupies?

Well in order to get groupies you have to be attractive to women. Not just physically, but emotionally. It all comes down to being attractive to them for whatever reason. You (MORE)
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What does the term groupie mean?

A groupie is someone, usually a women, that follows a band around, hoping to meet them. Often a groupie also tries to gain social status and popularity by having known the ban (MORE)