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What did Habakkuk want God to do with Judah?

Habakkuk wanted to know why God was using a very sinful people to punish Judah for their sins. He found out that God would also punish the other nation in due time, but the ti (MORE)
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When did Habakkuk predicted the worlds annihilation?

It doesn't give a 'when'. You will never find a date or exact time in the entire Bible on when this world will end and Christ returns. It is such a big secret that even Jesus (MORE)

How is habakkuk related to advent?

Habakkuk is a book about waiting, closely aligned with the waiting spirit of Advent. Habakkuk is waiting for deliverance from the Babylonian Empire, and concerned that God wil (MORE)
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What was Habakkuk message?

Habakkuk was inquiring from God why He sent Babylonians in order to enslave the Israelites and why it would take so long.God answered him that it was necessary to send one of (MORE)

Is Habakkuk a major or minor prophet?

A minor prophet. Additional Comment : Perfectly correct answer. My point is that God calls people to be a Prophet and doesn't classify them as major or minor. They ar (MORE)

What is the meaning of Habakkuk chapter 3?

The third chapter deals with the magnificence of Jehovah in the day of battle, and it is unrivaled in the power and vibrancy of its dramatic style. This chapter is a prayer in (MORE)

How did Habakkuk become a prophet?

The Scripture is silent as to how but in the Book of Habakkuk, his being a prophet is mentioned two-times so others must have known he was. A Hebrew prophet was directly call (MORE)

What bible did Habakkuk name come from?

Habakkuk is found in the Old Testament. Habakkuk was a prophet of God and the message he preached is in the book that is named after him. Habakkuk was from the tribe of Levi a (MORE)