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Who was Willy McBride?

The soldier "Willie McBride" is referenced in the 1976 Eric Bogle  song "No Man's Land."   The records show there were 10 W. McBrides who died during World  War 1, but t (MORE)
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Who is willie ramos?

Willie Ramos is a former gang member who was converted and became a Christian, known as the "Ghetto Preacher". He was a former actor and cartoonist and shares his talents toda (MORE)

How many miles between newbern TN and gatlinburg TN?

400 miles taking this route: Take U.S. 51 SOUTH towards DYERSBURG from Newbern to U.S. 412 EAST (TO I-40) to JACKSON at the NEXT EXIT.Take U.S. 412 EAST to I-40 in Jackson. T (MORE)
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What does hamboning mean?

Hamboning in a form of rhythmic percussion performed by slapping the body. See the link below for more information.
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Who is Silly Willy?

  Silly Willy was a Northamptonshire based clown and circus acts performer. At one point he was hired by the BBC to goto the Middle East for a televised performance.