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What is Happy Tree Friends?

Happy Tree Friends is a series of TV shows and Internet shorts,  featuring cute, cuddly animal-like characters whose daily  adventures always end with one or more character (MORE)

What time is Happy Tree Friends on?

It used to come on TV, but parents kept sending in too many complaints that their 5 year old saw it so they had to take it off the air. But now It's on yøutube, so yay!! :)
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Is there violence in Happy Tree Friends?

Yes, there tends to be very violent and gory deaths in almost all episodes It is not recommended for people who are squeamish or under the age of 15 Yes, it isn't recommend (MORE)

Is happy tree friends scary?

It really depends on your own level of scariness. For me, its not scary. Its basically cartoon animals dying. Pretty gorrey, but meant to be funny. :EDIT: I wouldn't recom (MORE)

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