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How do you spell stareing?

There are two separate words: staring - looking intently (to stare) starring - in a featured role (to star)
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What rhymes with stare?

if it's for a poem i would suggest the next sentence to be something personal here i cannot bare, ... gives the intoxication feeling bare, care, dare, fare, hare, mare, share (MORE)

Why do cats stare at you?

Because you are the hand that feeds and they are either waiting for your next attention and if you make a noise, of course they don't understand it but they will, like an unan (MORE)

Why does he stare into her eyes?

  If the question is why would a guy stare into the eyes of a girl. The only answer I can come up with is that he actually cares about her. Guys that don't care don't take (MORE)

Why do cats stare?

Cats stare because they are trying to show their domonance over you. Plus, when they blink, they are saying "I love you".

When a girl stares at you?

If Your question is a girl is constently staring at you this is what it means : She Likes you...She wants to start dating or be your best friend.    She has staring prob (MORE)

Why does a girl stare at you?

She finds you interesting, and might want to talk to you, but doesn't want to make the first move. If her head is slightly tilted up, she is interested. if it is tilted down (MORE)

What is an Antarctic stare?

A few souls choose to remain in Antarctica during the winter-over  period, when the continent is isolated. Typically this period is  between about February and about October (MORE)
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Is stared an adverb?

No. Stared is a verb. It is the past tense and past participle of  the verb 'to stare."
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