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Why do you get the stares?

There are several reasons why a person may get stares. One exampleis that they are beautiful. Another example is that they may havespilled something on their clothes.

Why does she stare at you?

It really depends how she stares at you if it is in a girly way then she probably likes you if it is in a nasty looking way she probably does not like you.
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Why is the move The Wayward Bus 1957 staring Jayne Mansfield so hard to find?

No accident, sorry Jayne, the film was not that popular. it was adapted from the Novel by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck- who had seen what TV-Land did to ( the Grapes of Wrath_ in (MORE)

Is it really that hard for a boy who has been having constant stares with you in class to tell you that he likes you especially that he is a popular football player with lots of guy and gal friends?

Yes because some guys can be as self concious as girls and get nervous when he talks to the girl he likes, just like how a girl gets nervous when she talks to the guy she like (MORE)