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What is a harpsichord?

The harpsichord is a string instrument, much like the piano in size, shape and the way you play it (for harpsichords with one keyboard). You press keys that will engange a sim ( Full Answer )
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When was the harpsichord popular?

It was popular since its invention at the XV (15th) century, because it was the first keyboarded instrument, and was regarded as a superior, upper class instrument. However it ( Full Answer )
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When was the harpsichord used?

Harpsichords have dated back to before the 1500's and are still used today. They aren't as popular anymore since the piano was invented.
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How does the harpsichord work?

Harpsichords can do many more things than a piano. When a key is pressed, a thing called a "jack" pops up and plucks the string. The jack doesn't necesserely pluck it, but som ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about the harpsichord?

harpsichord . stringed musical instrument played from a keyboard. Its strings, two or more to a note, are plucked by quills or jacks. The harpsichord originated in the 14th ( Full Answer )
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What was the harpsichord used for?

What was the harpsichord used for? The harpsichord was (and is) used for making music, but historically, it has had other uses as well, as noted by the following examples: ( Full Answer )
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What can the harpsichord do?

The harpsicord is the father of the piano (forte). It is a percution instrument, because you hit the keys, but the sound wave comming out has the quality of a string instrumen ( Full Answer )
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What family is the harpsichord?

A harpsichord was the first ever piano. Unlike today's piano, all the notes were played at the same volume.
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What vibrates in a harpsichord?

What vibrates in a harpsichord are the strings when plucked by their corresponding metal pin, and the air inside the air chamber, which is there to amplify the volume of the s ( Full Answer )
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Where can I find a harpsichord?

They are keyboard instruments like a piano, but the strings areplucked rather than hammered. You could probably purchase a modernone form a specialist instrument maker but you ( Full Answer )