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Explain how complete proteins are important for your health?

Necessary protein are the basis of life. Our bodies needs amino acids to fix and maintain itself. The basic framework of amino acids is a cycle of meats.Every mobile in the hu (MORE)
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What are the health issues associated with protein deficiency?

Because of protein deficiency (called kwashiorkor when severe) causes swelling in the legs, feet, and stomach (which when observed shows a large distended belly). Absorption o (MORE)
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What health effects occur if you are protein deficient?

The deficiency disease for protein is called kwashiorkor and is most common in the developing world, where people are often malnourished. The disease basically leaves you fe (MORE)
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Why are proteins essential for good health?

One of the major building "blocks" of our bodies is protein. It's in muscle, bone, hair/skin and all organs. Every cell has proteins in it. The enzymes that perform the chemis (MORE)
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How does protein benefit your health?

The truth of the mater is you don't need protein and in many ways it negatively affects your body's health. Think about cancer, it was basically unheard of 200 years ago, when (MORE)
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Do you need protein to maintain health?

Yes, protein in your body is used by cells almost every biological process in your body. However, your body does make a part of the protein it needs so if you didn't eat any p (MORE)
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What are the health risks associated with isopure protein?

Some health risks associated with isopure protein (a whey protein powder) are kidney stones and liver disease. Individuals taking prescription drugs may encounter negative dru (MORE)