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What are the pros of Obama health care?

1) insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage for "pre-existing conditions," which was a favorite scam of theirs for decades; 2) every indigent US citizen wil (MORE)

Why is it hard to find physicians who will accept United Health Care insurance?

United Health Care does not pay the doctor when claims are filed. Two people I know personally who have to deal with UHC have never seen UHC pay the bill. Ever. Other people i (MORE)
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What is care approach in health care?

Anyone experiencing mental health problems is entitled to an  assessment of their needs with a mental healthcare professional,  and to have a care plan that's regularly revi (MORE)

Who is the secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services?

The new secretary is Sylvia Mathews Burwell. Kathleen Sebelius was  the Secretary of Health and Human Services since April 29, 2009.
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What are the roles of health care assistant?

Healthcare assistants play a vital role in the care of patients. Working under the direction of more senior healthcare professionals, they take care of the day-to-day needs of (MORE)
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What are the primary health care principles?

1. health promotion through the provision of affordable health  services and community health education.   2. public participation and involvement in implementation,  mo (MORE)

What do people do for health care when they do not have health insurance?

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires  hospitals to provide emergency care to anyone in need of it, but  that is all that this act requires any hospi (MORE)
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Is your health care safe?

I am a young veteran of the U.S Army, and while I have about 1 appt a month at the Vetrans Administration Hospital, I feel like every day something will happen and it will jus (MORE)
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What type of health care is provided at an Intensive Care Unit?

An Intensive Care Unit seeks to assist of support the lives with people who are severely ill or who have complications that are life threatening like being in a coma or certai (MORE)