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Why should you get health insurance when you have savings?

One of the main reasons is that the cost of health care may turn  out to be substantially greater than your savings.   As medical care advances and treatments increase, h (MORE)

Who is accountable for health and safety in the workplace?

The employer. EVERYONE is accountable for Health and Safety. Management is responsible for providing workers with the necessary tools, training and protective equipment to per (MORE)

What is saving account?

A savings account is one in which customers save their monthly savings and they are not like the current account. Though the money is available at any time for the customer to (MORE)

Is a checking account or savings account better?

Ideally you should have one of each. Checking give you more access  to your money, but do not pay usually pay interest. Saving accounts  are designed for people to have an e (MORE)

What is the difference in a checking account and a saving account?

A checking account is one in which you keep a certain amount of money and use it for your regular day to day transactions. For ex: to pay your phone bill, to pay for your groc (MORE)

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