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Where was the saddle club series 3 filmed?

All three seasons of The Saddle Club were filmed in Australia. More specifically, the series was filmed over 207-2008 at Porcupine Ridge Estate in Daylesford, Central Victoria (MORE)

Will be an aliens vs predator 3 film?

We can only hope so. I cannot find any info on any activity on a part 3. The last film took in 158 million $, with a cost of 40 million $ 118 million $ in profit. Unfortunatel (MORE)

How do you get over a heartbreak?

Answer: All I can say is that I've been through it, and it is not the greatest feeling! You just need to get over them. Don't kill yourself over it, emotionally or physicall (MORE)

Phobia of heartbreaks?

There is philophobia which is the fear of falling in love. I suppose the root cause for such a fear would essentially be, the fear of having ones heart "broken."   The fear (MORE)
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3 elements of sound in film?

Three elements of sound in film include:   Sound FX   Dialogue   Music

How do you film something about Sims 3?

You have to click on the little recording camera or camera in the bottom left corner to either film or take a picture. It is very simple. Once you press it, it takes the pictu (MORE)

Who wrote 'Heartbreaker'?

It was credited to all four members of the band. The main guitar riff was based off a previous Led Zeppelin song that they only played live in concerts called "The Girl I Lo (MORE)