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What is Etymology?

Etymology is the study of words and their origins and development. The study of the origin of words. apex The official definition of the word etymology is "the study of theor (MORE)

What is the etymology of 'intelligence'?

Etymology of Intelligence . From the on-line etymology dictionary: intelligence 1390, "faculty of understanding," from O.Fr. intelligence (12c.), from L. intelligentia "und (MORE)

What does Etymologically mean?

Chambers gives definition of "etymology" as: the science or investigation of the derivation and original signification of words. So "etymologically" is an adverb meaning that (MORE)

What is the etymology of the word Hebrew?

late O.E., from O.Fr. Ebreu, from L. Hebraeus, fromGk. Hebraios, from Aramaic 'ebhrai, corresponding toHeb. 'ibhri "an Israelite," lit. "one from the other side,"in (MORE)

An etymology traces the?

The origin of a word, the study of historical linguistic change,studing the transfer of words from one language to another. Gromthe Greek word Etymon meaning true sense.