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What did Hume and Hovell hope to find?

The main purpose of Hume and Hovell's expedition was to explore new land with a view to expanding settlement. They hoped to find new land, and they also hoped to find an overl (MORE)

What is hume pipe culvert?

Hume pipe Culvert is a cross drainage work or small bridge used to pass flood water through one or number of Precast RCC Hume pipes laid soil.

What problems did Hume and Hovell encounter?

The main problems which these two explorers encountered involvedthe fact that they argued about almost everything. Primarily, the men argued about who made which discoveries. (MORE)

What is a Helen?

A Helen is a unit or measure of beauty named after the Helen of Troy from Homer's Iliad . In the book it is said that Helen's beauty set 1,186 ships to sail. So, if someone (MORE)

Is David Hume a Christian?

  David Hume was not a Christian, although he was born and baptised into that faith. Much of David hume's work was dedicated to the philosophical absolvement of creation p (MORE)

What did Hamilton Hume find?

Lake Bathurst and the Goulburn Plains were discovered by Hume and James Meehan, the deputy surveyor-general in March 1817.   In November 1824 he and William Hovell discover (MORE)

What is hume pipe?

High quality concrete pipes are usually known as hume pipes. They  are sometimes known as Indian hume pipes and are used in plumbing.

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