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Who is Helio Gracie?

He is one of the founders of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, the other is his brother Carlos Gracie Sr.

What Did Helios do?

Helios drove the sun, he was the sun. When he was done driving the sun around the world (which, evidently, took less time because they believed that the earth was flat) he w (MORE)

Who is Helios mk2?

Helios MK2 is the evolved form of Helios and/or turbine Helios. He has 900 g power, and is able to use battle gear in the anme. He is Specrtre's/Keeth's partner bakugan and is (MORE)

Who is Helios from The Odyssey?

Helios is a titan who drives the chariot of the sun around the earth (for sunrise and sunset). In the Odyssey, and his surviving crew (MORE)
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How can you get mk2 Helios?

The only way to get it currently is to buy it in Japan. It's only sold there, and is the first Bakugan to sport the color pink.
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Where is Helios from?

somewhere in the world, cause to be honest who's even gonna usethis in the real world. people get a fricken clue!!