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Is Helios Apollo?

No,   Helios was the Titan sun patron. After the god versus titan war, Apollo took Helios's position as Artemis took Selene's.
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What Did Helios do?

Helios drove the sun, he was the sun. When he was done driving the sun around the world (which, evidently, took less time because they believed that the earth was flat) he wou (MORE)

Where does Helios come from?

Helios came from the Greek island of Rhodes. His parents were  former Titan sun God, Hyperion and Theia. Helios rises from a  golden palace beneath the sea and drives his fi (MORE)

What about Helios?

Helios:He is the titan of the sun, oaths and sight His father was Hyperion his mother was Thea His animals were Rooster, Eagle, Winged Horses
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Who were Helios sisters?

Selene and Eos were Helios' sisters. They were the goddesses of dawn and the moon.
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Where is Helios from?

somewhere in the world, cause to be honest who's even gonna use  this in the real world. people get a fricken clue!!

Did Helios have a daughter?

Yes, Helios has many daughters. It depends on the myth, of course,  but Helios has been named the father of all the girls listed below,  among many others.   Merope, Hel (MORE)

What is Helios textpad?

TextPad is a text editor for Windows. Helios is part of the name of  the company, Helios Software Solutions.
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