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What does genocide means?

"Genocide" is a term which means a mass killing of a particular group, such as Jews. In a sentence : "Hitler performed mass Genocide during WW2 on Jews" Source : http://www. (MORE)

Why commit genocide?

Answer:   Many nations feel the right to commit genocide because they have a strong sense of nationalism and believe their race is superior to others. Often, they feel much (MORE)

How did the genocide occur?

Depends on what Genocide you are talking about. Over history, millions of groups of people have been subject to genocide. One of the most popular accounts of Genocide was the (MORE)

Why was genocide attempted?

Genocide is committed for selfish motives. If you kill large numbers of people, you can then steal everything that they owned and acquire greater wealth for your own group. Th (MORE)

Where has genocide happened?

Known Genocides and Holocausts: -Jewish Holocaust happened in Europe during World War II (The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine...). -Cambo (MORE)

What is the forgotten genocide?

The Armenian genocide is sometimes referred to as the 'forgotten genocide'. However, there is also a book called 'The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's forgotten genocide and the (MORE)

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