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What is a hind catcher?

  A hind catcher is the same thing as a catcher in baseball. It is the person who plays behind the batter and catches the ball when it is missed or not struck at. I know t (MORE)

How many square miles is the largest county of Mississippi?

  Yazoo County is the largest county in Mississippi. Yazoo County has a total area (land and water) of 934 square miles, or 2420 km2. 1.57% of the county's total area is w (MORE)

Why is the golden hind called the golden hind?

Type your answer here.. When the ship left plymouth it was named the Pelican. tha name was actually changed a year into the 3-year voyage, in 1578. I have found the following (MORE)

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What is the smallest county in Mississippi population wise?

  I live in Covington County, Mississippi. I'm pretty sure (99%) the answer is Issaquena County, located near Vicksburg on the Mississippi River. Issaquena County used t (MORE)