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How do you get to the sinjoh ruins? need to have Arceus first in your party 2.go to the ruins of alph 3.try to enter the exploration building 4.a man will bump into you 5.he takes you to the regular ruins (MORE)

What Are Pets?

A pet (or companion animal) is an animal kept primarily for a  person's company or protection, as opposed to working animals,  sport animals, livestock, and laboratory anima (MORE)

How do you spell ruined?

That is the correct spelling of "ruined" (spoiled, destroyed, or unusable). (the slang ruint is not correct English)
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Where are the ruins in spectrobes?

Nessa Area 3. Head northward. They are really a giant spaceship that doesn't work yet.
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How can braces get ruined?

I Have Braces At The Moment And I Have Done Quite Alot Of Things Too Them; don't eat migit gems or toffee cos it snaps the wires , Dont eat pot noodles as they are ded bad fo (MORE)

Where is the sinjoh ruins?

you have to have the arceas from Pokemon movie 9 and bring it to the unknown scientists. after that you warp to sinjoh and must only have arceas with you. then go outside and (MORE)

Why did you ruin WikiAnswers?

I realize that a lot of the changes on the site in recent years  haven't been popular with everyone, but I think that we are making  headway on restoring some of the good th (MORE)