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Is the flight of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt as written in the Bible historically correct?

Another answer from our community: Not Historical: . The Israelite population went from 70 (or 75) to severalmillion in just a few generations. Exodus 1:5,7, 12:37, 38:26 . (MORE)

Are there any extra-biblical Archaeological or Historical evidences that the Israelites were once slaves in Egypt?

It is possible, but unlikely that some Israelites were enslaved by  the Egyptians at sometime during the middle of the second  millennium BCE. However, there is no extra-bib (MORE)
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Why does Egypt geographically belong to Africa but historically and culturally belong to Asia?

The question may be asking one of two things and therefore leads to two separate answers: 1) What cultural traditions and historical events show that Egypt belongs to Asia in (MORE)