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Is there any historical evidence outside the Bible for the Ten Plagues of Egypt?

There is no extra-biblical evidence for the ten plagues of Egypt. These plagues would surely have caused great economic and social stress, yet there is no archaeological evide (MORE)
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What is there in Egypt?

Pyramids and tombs. Also, there is the famous Nile River thatprovided rich soil for the ancient Egyptians. Plus, there areprobably historical sites to look at. --------------- (MORE)
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Why does Egypt geographically belong to Africa but historically and culturally belong to Asia?

The question may be asking one of two things and therefore leads to two separate answers: 1) What cultural traditions and historical events show that Egypt belongs to Asia in (MORE)
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Where is Egypt?

1. Egypt is a country in northern Africa, extending south from theMediterranean Sea. Its capital city, Cairo, is near 30N latitude,31E longitude. 2. It is one of the oldest c (MORE)

What is Egypt?

Egypt of a country in the middle east. Egypt is a country located in the Middle East , specifically in North Africa . it is considered to be a major power in North Africa . I (MORE)
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Is it an historic or a historic?

It can be either, as "a historic" works better for a "hard H" (as  in hit), while "an historic" is used where the H is soft or not  pronounced (as in some British pronunciat (MORE)

Is the flight of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt as written in the Bible historically correct?

Another answer from our community: Not Historical: . The Israelite population went from 70 (or 75) to severalmillion in just a few generations. Exodus 1:5,7, 12:37, 38:26 . (MORE)

What can you do in Egypt?

  Depends where you go but there are so many historic/ancient places to visit and admire as well as sea(s). The following links may give you some ideas: http://thesalmon (MORE)

Are there any extra-biblical Archaeological or Historical evidences that the Israelites were once slaves in Egypt?

It is possible, but unlikely that some Israelites were enslaved by  the Egyptians at sometime during the middle of the second  millennium BCE. However, there is no extra-bib (MORE)
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What about Egypt?

Egypt is called as  a gift of Nile is the main river of Egypt. Two major dams are  constructed on the Nile near Aswan to fulfill the country's  irrigation needs. river Nile (MORE)