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Was Brian Johnson ever a roadie for AC DC?

  No.....Brian wasnever a roadie for AC/DC. He was the former frontman of a band from New Castle, England called Geordie. Bon Scott wasn't a roadie, per say, but did chauf (MORE)

How many US 0-1 planes downed over Laos during Vietnam War?

Some figures point to approximately 1,000 O-1 Bird Dogs lost in the war. The reason being, that only about 500 of those airplanes were accounted for in either the USAF or US (MORE)

In classical music what does op 10 No 1 mean?

Basically, it signifies a collection of works. The op stands for "opus" ... in the case of Op 10, No 1, that means the first piece in collection #10. Composers may group simil (MORE)

The piece of music that was played from the helicopters during the Vietnam war era?

The music played in the scene where US helicopters attack a village in Apocalypse Now was Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries."   Answer:   The scenario of music blaring f (MORE)

Is 1 of Ariana Grande's cousins a music teacher?

Many people think this is true and that is why she can play many instruments and sing very well and its true her cousin is a musical teacher! (her cousin is a girl!)
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Who was the winner of Roadies 1?

Roadies 1-Rannvijay Roadies 2-Ayushman Roadies 3-Parul Roadies 4-Anthony Roadies 5-Ashutosh  and Roadies 6-Nauman Winners of MTV Roadies: Season 1 - Rannvijay SinghSeason 2 (MORE)

Who is roadie 42 of coldplay?

Roadie 42 has not yet revealed HIS identityyet but he can be seen by people attending coldplay concerts giving seat upgrades.  dcmarlow:  Actually, I belive Roadie#42 is bas (MORE)