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What does a roadie earn?

Depending on what area of entertainment they are working in (music, theatre, dance, etc.), the size of the production, and experience the pay can range between $600 to $2000 a (MORE)

The piece of music that was played from the helicopters during the Vietnam war era?

The music played in the scene where US helicopters attack a village in Apocalypse Now was Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries."   Answer:   The scenario of music blaring f (MORE)

What was a 1-y draft classification in the Vietnam war era?

Wasn't a "1-y"...there was a "1-W" which meant a "conscientious objector performing an alternate function in lieu of military service" (like maybe the "Peace Corps"). A "1-A (MORE)
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In a modern rock group what is the job of the roadies?

The job of a roadie is to load/unload equipment for concerts and other forms of traveling entertainment (ie: circuses, traveling musicals, etc.). In addition to loading and un (MORE)

Who was the winner of Roadies 1?

Roadies 1-Rannvijay Roadies 2-Ayushman Roadies 3-Parul Roadies 4-Anthony Roadies 5-Ashutosh  and Roadies 6-Nauman Winners of MTV Roadies: Season 1 - Rannvijay SinghSeason 2 (MORE)

Where is Vietnam?

Located in the continent of Asia, Vietnam covers  310,070 square kilometers of land and 21,140 square kilometers of  water, making it the 66th largest nation in the world wi (MORE)

Who is roadie 42 of coldplay?

Roadie 42 has not yet revealed HIS identityyet but he can be seen by people attending coldplay concerts giving seat upgrades.  dcmarlow:  Actually, I belive Roadie#42 is bas (MORE)

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