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Why is homer an alcoholic?

Homer is an alcoholic because, as shown in the series 13 episode named "Gump Roast", his father, Abe or Grandpa Simpson, gave him alcohol every night to make him fall asleep. (MORE)

What is a homer sexual?

It is one of Bart Simpson's prank calls on Moe the bartender.  Principal Skinner had Bart call his dad at Moe's tavern, but instead of asking for "Homer Simpson" Bart asked f (MORE)

What did Homer write?

He wrote the odessy, and the illiad cant forget the illyad....i think i missspelt the both...sorry not the best speller only in 6th grade :) He wrote the Odyssey and the Ili (MORE)

Who is Homer jaughlin?

There is no Homer Jaughlin that has anything to do with baseball.  There is a Homer Laughlin that started a pottery company back in  the 1800's. Today the Homer Laughlin com (MORE)

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What s a midsummer nights dream about?

Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream is about a pair of  lovers who elope through the woods at night, closely followed by  two other young people. At the same time t (MORE)