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What is Hora Agadati?

The Hora Agadati is the original Israeli hora as composed and choreographed by Baruch Agadati for the Ohel theatrical group in 1924.
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What does Que hora means?

que hora es means what time is it and a way to answer the fraze is :son las (any time).
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How do you pronounce que hora es?

You pronounce it like this: KAY OR-AH ESS - - - - que- the 'q' sounds like k the 'ue' sounds like eh --- hora - silent 'h' the 'o' is like oh roll the 'r' ( Full Answer )
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How would you answer que hora es?

It means "what time is it?", literally "what hour is?" Sometimes this is "¿Qué hora son?" The answer is to give the present time. "Es la una" is "one o'clock". "Son las ( Full Answer )
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How do you answer to que hora es?

You say the current time of day, as close to the minute as possible. But unlike English, in Spanish they differentiate between one, single, hour of the clock... and two. We sa ( Full Answer )
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What is La Hora Latina?

This refers to the cultural tendency of some Hispanic people to not arrive super punctually to events and appointments. The stereotype goes; if you invite a bunch of Latinos t ( Full Answer )
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What is 'quinto hora' mean in Spanish?

It should be "quinta hora", since "hora" is feminine. It means "the fifth hour" or in some contexts, "the fifth period".
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What does hora de salida mean?

In Spanish, it directly translates into "Hour of output", but in good English, it would be "Departure time."
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Do hora scopes work?

I think horoscopes are meant to be more fun than anything. They're so vague they can really fit into any situation. For example mine for this week is, " Friendships and love r ( Full Answer )
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Did Jesus come from Horas?

No, Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, eternally is proceeding from the Father, as the Son. He is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, and does not "come" from anything, He ( Full Answer )