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Which breed of horse is the tallest breed in the world?

The Shire is the tallest horse breed. The Shire breed is generally thought of as the tallest horse breed, with the largest horse being a Shire gelding called Samson who was 21 (MORE)

What breed is not an endangered horse breed?

Well as you can see there are more non-endangered horse breeds in the world then endangered horse breed.Im a horse freak,and one of the most endangered breed is the Przewalski (MORE)

How do you breed your horse?

firstly you will need to see whether your horse has been de sexed or not (if your horse has been desexed your horse cannot breed) if your horse isn't desexed you need to wai (MORE)

What breed of horse is the daddy of horses?

There really is no Daddy of horses. Depending on who u talk to some people will say Arabian others Throughbred even some people say quarter horse or Morgan. The Arabian i say (MORE)

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