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How do you get in a girl's pants?

The same way you would a guy's pants. You put one leg at a time in,  then pull them up and zip them. But you may look a bit silly in  them, especially if they're very femini (MORE)
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What are Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo pants are very wide legged trousers, sometimes so wide in the leg that they can be mistaken for a maxi skirt. They were very popular in the 70's alongside the flare, b (MORE)

Dog in heat is panting and body is hot?

It's completely normal. She can also be restless and pace and try to go to sleep but fail and seem to be unable to get comfortable. But it only lasts about 6 weeks. If it beco (MORE)

Do snakes pant?

They dont pant. Panting is a way to release heat, dogs and cats pant because they don't have sweat glands. Snakes have a cooling layer of liquid on their skin, and excrete coo (MORE)

Why does a dog pant on a hot day?

Dogs pant because they don't sweat like humans. They pant to release excess heat during hot weather, and heat buildup from running. Panting after running is also a way to get (MORE)

Do guys think girls look hot in yoga pants?

Yoga pants are basically a blessing from god to guys. Girls look sooo hot in them (as long as your wearing a thong or no show underwear) and most every guy would kill to see a (MORE)

What is pants short for?

Pants is short for pantaloons which nobody wears these days. American English uses "pants" as the accepted alternative to the British "trousers" . The British use the word " (MORE)

What are tight pants?

Tight pants are pants that almost look like legging on someone. They are not in the least bit loose, they are practically glued to the skin. They almost actually look like som (MORE)

Why do pitbull dogs pant when it is hot outside?

I have a staffordshire bull terrier and she never stops panting but people think it is because they are thirsty and in need of water! sometimes this maybe but alot of the time (MORE)